His first musical steps ...
His journey to more …

From childhood on, it is very clear that Ivann has the musical and entertainment microbe in his blood.

With the talent that he inherits from his mother Nadia, he is contacted for commercials as well as for singing all kinds of studio material, already at very young age.

At the same time, Ivann is joining a singing-, dancing-, and acting education at the Young Artists School in Antwerp.

He then also takes his first musical steps in the successful children’s group “The Bubbles”.

At that time, Ivann enters the circuit of ‘backing vocal’ and he has the opportunity to sing together with many National and International top artists.  Ivann is backing vocal for e.g. Paul Young, Rob De Nijs, Leo Sayer, The Three Degrees, Lionel Richie and many others.  All these experiences confirm Ivann’s preference for working with live bands.  The fact that he regularly performs as guest artist with famous bands both here and abroad are the living proof.

Time and time again trying to find his way to recognition for his singing talent, Ivann joins the pre-selections of Eurosong in 2000 and 2002 and he gets selected twice.

The X-Factor Story and … Success follows …

An absolute highlight in Ivann’s musical career is undoubtedly his participation to X-Factor in 2005 !  Under the close guidance of Liliane Saint-Pierre, his musical godmother, he achieves a well-deserved 3rd place after 11 stunning live shows.

It is certainly worth noting that Ivann receives the award for “Upcoming Talent 2006” in Antwerp.

VTM (Flemish television channel) offers Ivann the chance to become the lead singer for the fantastic dancing program “Sterren op de Dansvloer”.  During 5 seasons of “Sterren op de Dansvloer” Ivann shows that he can do all possible musical genres.

Today, Ivann is weekly on stage in Flanders and he always manages to delight the audience with his voice, entertainment and all-around repertoire and the number of fans is growing every week.

I’m sailing ...

In addition, Ivann travels around the world as “Guest Entertainer” on several cruises.  Royal Caribbean, Holland America Line, Carnival Cruises & Celebrity Cruises are Cruise shipping companies who often invite Ivann to entertain their passengers for a wonderful evening.

Already for years Ivann brings an all-round repertoire consisting of English-speaking Pop, Soul, Crooner & Evergreens.

Hij kan de hele wereld aan ...

Ivann sees the year 2015 as a new challenge by launching his first Dutch single “Ik kan de Hele Wereld aan”.

He meets the Dutch composers John Dirme and Pieter van Schooten. For several years, these 2 top composers have been writing songs for Rene Froger, Gerard Joling & Gordon.  From the start, there is a musical click between John, Pieter and Ivann, which leads to a collaboration.

Ivann’s first Dutch single “Ik kan de Hele Wereld aan” proves that he is not only strong in English-speaking songs, but also the Dutch-speaking repertoire fits like a glove, resulting to a number 1 position in the Flemish Top 10 in Flanders for 3 weeks in a row.

Today Ivann is ready to enchant Flanders with new Dutch songs.

His new summer single "Uit het oog, niet uit m'n hart" will be the springboard to all Flemish stages this summer to entertain his audience  ... definitely something to look forward to !